Quodus analyzes the utilization of spaces and compares it with the schedule. This enables the optimization of processes related to space usage and supports strategic decision-making grounded in data analysis.


      1. Combines occupancy with planned activity in educational planning systems.
      2. Monitors the occupancy of each space through intelligent sensorization.
      3. Analyzes the use of spaces and audits planning, facilitating data-based decision-making.


Quodus is compatible with all planning solutions, including Ellucian, Sigma, Universitas XXI, Bullet Solutions, UNTIS, Planon, Google Calendar, CSV files, and any other scheduling solutions.

Current challenges

UNUSED bookings

Spaces are booked and are not used, or are reserved for longer time periods than needed. In some cases, duplicate bookings clog up the schedule.

Scheduling mistakes

Various types of human mistakes can lead to unde- rutilization of spaces: courses, subjects, or punctual reservations that have been informally canceled but not removed from the scheduling software (ERP). Provisional bookings that remain in calendars and software configuration errors result in significant costs for educational institutions.

schedule changes

An assigned classroom for a session that is ultimately not held, or a session held in a space where there was no scheduled activity, leads to lack of control and suboptimal utilization of spaces and teaching quality.

Updated information

Quodus connects to the ERP or scheduling software to obtain and display up-to-date scheduling information on the platform. It integrates with every scheduling appli- cation and can be connected with other applications or manual scheduling through CSV or XLS files and custom API connections.

Get the most out of every square foot

Audit occupancy to calculate space utilization rates, driving critical infrastructure investment decisions backed by real data.

The real-time information allows users to instantly locate available spaces for class relocation when a room is unavailable.

Scheduling audit

Quodus continuously tracks the correlation between planned classes and the ones actually held in the physical space. Previously, this information was obtained using human resources or rudimentary methods or was not recorded at all.

Quodus, using its intelligent sensors, registers all lectures in the campus spaces and continuously compares them with the schedule, detecting any deviation. Each event is analyzed, helping clarify any deviations from the scheduling due to errors, absences, or teaching organization reasons.

Whenever a difference between the planned and held events in the classrooms is detected, an incident is automatically generated and classified by our AI.


Study rooms, libraries, and canteens face common challenges with limited availability. Quodus provides an effective solution to enhance the user experience.

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